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Reviving Communities One Person at a time

Revival is more so about maintenance than it is an event therefore we implement our mission by training, imparting and activating those we are assigned to because we realize this is the primary way we keep the fire of revival burning in our hearts.

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This Network has been designed to serve you and your vision

Many times a Network is set up to highlight those who bring their visions and gifts to them for use but our purpose is to help you as an individual get and stay well so you can see clearly and carry effectively your vision that he has called you to.

We are a people who are focused on Accountability and Community

When we have people who walk beside us and not just with us, we become safe people and help to foster safe places.

We are committed to Wellness and Wholeness as a Community

Our goal is not to just to assist you with getting your vision off the ground but to ensure you have a safe place to process life as you continue to make impact around the world. Most leaders lack a safe place to process traumatic and challenging experiences but at Ram's Horn you have leaders who walk with you and a community to lean into to assist with that process.

our mission

Reviving communities one person at a time

Each of us have been given a unique purpose that sometimes is only on hold due to a lack of discovery, cultivation and a proper covering who is patient enough to help us see our mission to full fruition. We are committed to helping you move beyond carrying the sound to actually releasing it where it is needed the most.


RHN Executive Leaders

Antwain Braggs

RHN, CEO/Visionary

Antwain Braggs

CEO / Visionary

Apostle Antwain Braggs is a dynamic preacher who operates powerfully and effectively as a teacher and an evangelist. He has a love and passion for the Word of God and God’s people. Known for his precise and energetic approach to the delivery of the Gospel message, he has become an agent for change in the lives of countless individuals.

Apostle Braggs is an ordained elder and licensed minister. He served at The Potter’s House Churches in Dallas, North Dallas, and Fort Worth under the leadership of Bishop T. D. Jakes for over 10 years. Having matriculated through The Potter’s Institute, Apostle Braggs also received a Leadership certification after completing coursework. He was, also, selected as one of the youngest instructors in the Potter’s House School of Ministry during his time there, under the Leadership of Pastor Bonne Moon.

Apostle Braggs is the Founder and Visionary behind Crossover International Ministries Incorporated (CIMI). Using CIMI as a vehicle for evangelism, Apostle revitalizes and empowers communities by training young people to walk in their God-given purpose. Further, he equips adults to engage wholeheartedly in the process of developing and making disciples of the next generation of leaders.

Apostle Braggs attributes his effectiveness in ministry to his commitment to prayer and fasting. Through this ministry of reconciliation, he has established the Prayer Warriors Revival (PWR), a revival experience that endeavors to shock the nation and provoke this generation to an intimate place of prayer. More recently, under the umbrella of CIMI, he has birthed AG Braggs Ministries which hosts monthly Ministry Trainings each month to empower and ignite the five-fold ministry. Apostle Braggs has an exceptional mentorship program entitled “Padawan to Jedi” in which individuals embark on a journey with him to discover themselves and find their sound. This school is in session from 12 to 18 months in which provide students with opportunities to remove restricted/unwanted layers and continue on to spiritual freedom.

Apostle Braggs has a passion to build people, and in doing so, has become a powerful mentor to many. His use of biblical principles is foundational to everything he does. Apostle Braggs has established the Ram’s Horn Network (RHN), “the Carriers of the Sound” organization in which the purpose is to train, impart and activate up & coming leadership. RHN stirs up the fire within RHN members and help cultivate the call of God that’s been placed upon their lives. Also, Apostle Braggs do host monthly ministry trainings as needed and led of the Spirit of God.

While ministry is his life’s work, Apostle Braggs is also a dedicated husband and father. He and his lovely wife, Sherrie, live in the Dallas (Texas) Metropolitan area with 2 of their seven children, Nehemiah and Abigail. There are 5 adult kids (Christine, Myha, Antandra, Aliana and Amari), 2 Married daughters and 4 grand boys. Apostle Braggs and His lovely wife Sherrie are currently at The Potter’s House of Dallas, TX under the leadership of Bishop T.D.Jakes and Lady Serita Jakes .

Oliver Hill

Executive Ministry Leader Team Member

Rosalind Lewis

Executive Administrator

Susan Jean Louis

Administrative Team member/ Media Director for RHN

Tressa Haynes

Executive Administrator / Administrative Team Member/ Leader of Pray 52/ Judah Tribal Leader

Pastor Yvette Henderson

Executive Director of RHN

Marshell Nicholson

Administrative Team Member/ Levi Tribal Leader

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