To Train, Impart & Activate Leaders

Ram's Horn Network has been designed to train, impart and activate up & coming leadership. We stir up the fire within them and help cultivate the call of God that's been placed upon their lives.

About ram's horn network

Reviving Communities One Person at a time.

Revival is more so about maintenance than it is an event therefore we implement our mission by training, imparting and activating those we are assigned to because we realize this is the primary way we keep the fire of revival burning in our hearts.

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RHN Classes

Courses that Educate, Equip, Empower and Inform Front line Leaders.

These classes are designed to further Educate, Equip, Empower and Inform those who have been called to lead the charge as a 21st Century Reformer who carries the sound of Revival throughout the earth.

Customer Service Training

This course helps us see clearly how customer service is the underlining factor in whether a person remains in collaboration or relationship with us after their first and lasting impression of us or what we render to them while serving.

Service Training

This training takes us into the mind and heart of excellence. This is taught fully understanding how to carry this out no matter what size or level your organization may be on.

Ministry Training

It is so imperative that we understand both the heart and hand of ministry in order to be an effective witness. In this course we will explore, define and draw the distinction between the two.

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Let us help you discover, cultivate and release the unique sound God has placed within you

Each of us have been given a unique purpose that sometimes is only on hold due to a lack of discovery, cultivation and a proper covering who is patient enough to help us see our mission to full fruition. We are committed to helping you move beyond carrying the sound to actually releasing it where it is needed the most.

This Network has been designed to serve you and your vision.

Many times a Network is set up to highlight those who bring their visions and gifts to them for use but our purpose is to help you as an individual get and stay well so you can see clearly and carry effectively your vision that he has called you to.

We are a people who are focused on Accountability and Community.

When we have people who walk beside us and not just with us, we become safe people and help to foster safe places.

We are committed to Wellness and Wholeness as a Community

Our goal is not to just to assist you with getting your vision off the ground but to ensure you have a safe place to process life as you continue to make impact around the world. Most leaders lack a safe place to process traumatic and challenging experiences but at Ram's Horn you have leaders who walk with you and a community to lean into to assist with that process.

Experience the power of the Ram's Horn Network!

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